do you see your work finding its home at dishsoap?

Ten Commandments for Soaping

  1. we accept all genres.
  2. simultaneous submissions are fine, but tell us if you get accepted elsewhere!
  3. send your finely-crafted dishes to with the subject line [name]-[genre]-[title]. for optional feedback, please begin your email title with "Opt-In". we prefer docx format unless you've got some cool formatting to preserve. all submissions sent between reading periods will be left unread and discarded. cover letters are cool; please keep your bios short and sweet (≤150 words) and when listing publications, please list the ones that you feel are most representative of your work. long bios will be cut to fit. we are open for submissions until the end of august.
  4. poetry. at most 4 poems per submission & no word limit.
    prose. at most 3 per submission & 5000 words in total.
    art. at most 3 per submission. feel free to attach a brief explanation!
    other. as many as you'd like :).
  5. please don't submit anything explicit!we reserve the right to ignore a submission if we find any nsfw, racist, homophobic, etc. notions, even if not explicity stated.
  6. if your work is accepted for publication, we ask that you credit us as its first home when sending it to other places in the future
  7. throughout the submissions window, we would prefer it if dishsoap could be your pieces’ first home, but we will consider work that has been housed elsewhere before. please let us know in your cover letter.
  8. please note that we currently cannot pay our contributors.
  9. we do nominate for Pushcart and Best of the Net.
  10. thank you for trusting us.

We are currently open for staff applications!

All positions are volunteer-based and will require a few hours of time per week. Feel free to apply to more than one position!

Poetry/Prose editor*
*note that we don't differentiate between readers and editors.
As an editor, you’ll provide your opinion on a handful of submissions each week. Submitters have the option of requesting feedback, so each week, you’ll also be writing short paragraphs of commentary for a few of the pieces we assign to you.

To apply
To apply, send us one or two paragraphs of commentary on the piece from this document that corresponds to the genre you’d like to edit for. Feedback doesn’t need to be more than 200 words - check the bottom of the document for some of the comments we’ve written in the past. We’re so excited to hear from you!