Nathan Lee

spring meditation

Yes, I am trying,
I am trying to be

good. I can find my way
around my life now

with my eyes pressed 
shut. I can soften into

the comfort of making
enough food for tomorrow.

Rice water swirling
down the silver drain;

garlic, shallots, eating
my greens. I can rinse 

the cutting board,
slide the knife

back into its wooden
sheath. I have reached

the crossroads
of the open wound

and stepped into the cross-hatch
of April. Winter has faded 

past the treeline; an exhale
giving way, the sky purpling

into dawn. I lather my hands
with basil and honey. The scent

lingers. Last night, the field
outside swelling with

rain. Today, a palmful
of creation: yarrow leaves,

apple seeds, the places
where the light gets in.

"The Day Before Yesterday" by Howie Good

Nathan Lee is a transgender Singaporean-American poet from the California Bay Area currently studying at UC Davis. His work has been published in Sunday Mornings at the River, Doghouse Press, and Polyphony Lit, among others. Outside of writing, he loves tide pools, evening walks, and petting all the stray cats he can find. He can be found on Instagram and Twitter at @poetrynate.