Theresa Kohlbeck Jakobsen


Theresa Kohlbeck

Artist Statement
The work "Skilnadarótti" is the artists reprocessing of their own as well as their mother’s
separation anxiety. The piece captures the beauty that can only grow in a relationship
when we let go, give space instead of holding on tight and strangling the other. A flower
blooming in on a lush meadow, healthy borders are intact around it. The mixed-media work
consists of paper, fine-liner, acrylic pens and paint as well as sequins and glitter. It is
positioned on a round wooden plate with 11cm in diameter.

"Words Get in the Way" by James Diaz

Theresa K. Jakobsen (they/them) is a German creative, who after spending the pandemic on the remote Faroe Islands re-entered the colorful streets of Berlin city. The challenges of living in another country were a propulsion to their creativity. Theresa creates mixed media art and writes multilingual pieces that circle around the theme of human-nature relationships in a digital age. Pinkudreyma.welt (little dream world) is the title of their ongoing art project.