Elliot Lee

to term

“And we will never be alone in this world
No matter what they say
We're gonna be okay”

-The Mountain Goats “San Bernardino”

Two cups of tea, one ginger, the other empty. Lozenge wrappers scattered on the coffee
table next to our naked feet. It is June and there are many months to go. You are so

Our landlord replaced the bathtub when we moved in, plastic gentrified into tile. I stand
next to you in the shower and pour hot water down your back. I wash your long hair and
watch the shampooed water drizzle down the drain.

I drape the towel over your shoulders and carry you to the room. Our son kicks just
enough to let us know that he, too, would like to rest. Our bed becomes a distant world
where we are the only inhabitants.

"32 lemons" by Matt Hsu

Elliot Lee is a queer creative writing and poetry teacher based out of Memphis, Tennessee. He's been writing since he was a child, typing superhero stories on his mom's work computer. Since then he's advanced to writing poetry about fatherhood, the loneliness it brings & the bliss that it guarantees. He (in)frequently tweets unintelligible messes at @ceannfort.