Melody Serra

In the company of trees

In the Company of Trees (digital illustration)

in the company of trees

My abuelo and I would go on long walks together and he'd stop me and say "Escucha!" ("Listen!"). He'd tell me that when we feel alone, if we stop and listen to the tree leaves swaying in the wind, the birds singing their song, we will realize that we indeed have company.

biding time until the spring arrives by Grace JoyLynn Anderson

Melody loves to illustrate, paint, draw, write, and experiment with all sorts of art mediums.
One of her favorite types of art is emaki, and one of her favorite memories is decorating her
kindergarten classroom as Hogwarts using handmade drawings and crafts made by
students. Melody was a teacher in both East Los Angeles and San Francisco. As a teacher
she realized the power of technology and how it could also be used as a creative outlet, so
she decided to pursue web development and now teaches computer programming for a
Melody’s passion is teaching and empowering others by sharing what she has learned. She
started a JavaScript class at the Boys and Girls Club of Visitacion Valley and also teaches
at San Quentin State Prison. Melody hopes to inspire youth to explore and expand their
creativity through web development, writing, and art.