Alex Dang

Mac Miller & Georgia O’Keeffe COLLABORATION TRACK

Georgia O’Keeffe made at least 20 / different paintings or drawings / of the same / door / but it’s different every time / because a morning can be / gentle in the spring / & blank bleak in the winter / so Georgia O’Keeffe had these / Doors / is Mac Miller’s favorite track off his critically acclaimed album / GO:OD AM / He says in an interview / that this is him excited again / the opening sets the tone for all that / an entrance to a new beginning / the intro / the door / of her Abiquiu ranch was the reason why / O’Keeffe bought the place / “I used to climb over the wall,  just to look at that door” / & now I see a door is something you go through / & throughout her life / she kept staring, thinking, saying: / “I never quite get it / It’s a curse — the way I feel / I must continually go on / with that door” / & I am always scared because / “doors will close & people change”  / Mac sings / in the opening of a door there is a way in, yes / but a way out as well  & “one day you'll go” / O’Keeffe / My Last Door / oil on canvas / a black rectangle / on white with gray / “right now you're here” / Today / I wake up a new person / “Don’t leave just yet” / I open the door / to my heart / to my home / “Don’t disappear” / I will paint over & over / sing again & again / & never get it perfect / I’m starting on my 27th try / there’s no right way to go through it / & still we always get through it / “Good morning” 

"Pith" by rhiannon mcgavin

Alex Dang is an internationally performing poet, TEDx speaker, and slam poetry champion. Featured on HuffingtonPost, UpWorthy, and EverydayFeminism, his work has been viewed on YouTube over 2 million times. Dang has performed in over 50 cities, 30 states, 6 countries, and wants to know what your favorite food is.