Ashley Cai


Please Remain Calm

Watercolor, ink pen

A thin pane of glass is the only thing that separates her from the fiercely passionate mayhem that awaits outside. The cool tones and geometric shapes inside the apartment contrast against the saturated warmth and loose watercolors outside the window, representing inaction in the face of revolution. While it's much easier and comforting to stay within the safety of our familiar surroundings, it's our obligation to gather the mental fortitude and engage in actionable change.

This piece was created several years ago in the wake of gun control, environmental, and #metoo protests, and I was internally struggling to disobey the status quo. I remember talking to my friends about my personal dream of living in a high rise condo with big plants, big windows, and big corporate dreams, all the while passively ignoring the chaos and social change around me. This pretty painting was a manifestation of guilt and the confrontation of my cognitive dissonance.

I love when people apply their own situations to my work and discover more personal feelings that were spurred by my paintings. The meaning of my art evolves even as I create it - other's interpretations are just as valid and add to an encyclopedia of what this painting means.

Artist’s Note: Prints of this piece are being sold to those interested!

Janelle Cordero

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