dishsoap quarterly

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mission statement

Dishsoap was founded by a group of teenagers hailing from all over the world. In our various forays into the literary world, we have all witnessed or experienced our fair share of elitism and professionalism. Dishsoap strives to be the antithesis of that exclusivity. So often the world of publication seems difficult, strict, and harsh; Dishsoap is the opposite of all of this - it’s goofy and unpretentious and pokes fun at itself. It makes terrible puns. It doesn’t try to be anything other than what it is.

Here at Dishsoap, one of the best things is that we disagree on ideas. We argue over organization and take votes on editing strategies. Instead of pigeonholing, we truly accept and consider anything and everything, no matter how outrageous or spunky. Dishsoap doesn’t try to fight for the lowest acceptance rates; we cater to everyone, whether you’re a musician who plays songs at live events or a teenager who writes poems at midnight in their bedroom.

We are interested in the young, the perhaps-not-completely-finished, the work-in-progress. Inclusivity and openness is at the core of Dishsoap’s values. Not easy, but for the diligent, not lenient, but kind. Too often people think that you must have a certain laundry list of accomplishments to be able to do important things. Dishsoap is evidence against that. We are ordinary people, striving for a true sense of freedom.

In less formal terms, we really just did that. You can, too.